Chemically Maintaining

chem-imgProper maintenance is the key to long life of a vehicle. Whether you have an existing concern or just routine maintenance, chemically maintaining your vehicle can save you time and money on costly repairs now or in the future. At Adamson, we offer a full line of premium Justice Brothers maintenance services. Founded in 1936 Justice Brothers has a rich racing history that they bring to us in the form cleaners, lubricants and flushes.   Check out more about Justice Brothers here!

Be Sure to Follow Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Following factory scheduled maintenance not only keeps you current with warranty requirements but it also keeps you vehicle running just like off the showroom floor.

Coolant Maintenance

Did you know you should change your coolant every 2 years? In modern day vehicles, more components are being made of aluminum. Aluminum requires great corrosion prevention to avoid being eaten away. Traditional Green (Ethylene-Glycol) coolants only last 2 years under perfect conditions. Newer Gold (HOAT) or Dex-Cool says 5 years or 100k miles but in reality its more around every 30k or 2 years as well. The truth is that additives wear out and you have to replace them or you will end up with failures.


What is in oil?

Engine oil is still petroleum based. Most oils on the market are either conventional petroleum or semi-synthetic, a mix of Synthetic and conventional oils. The unfortunate part is most semi-synthetics do not tell you the ratio of synthetic to conventional oil. Picking a name brand and adding a oil system additive pack can dramatically improve the characteristics of any oil no matter the base consistency. Synthetic oil is by far the better of all 3 but are not recommended for all applications. Ask your service professional what is right for your vehicle and schedule an appointment today.


What is the difference in Regular and Premium?

Gasoline fuel has remained relatively the same for many years aside from different additive packs and cleaners. It’s refined from crude oil and depending on your state is blended with ethanol to create the final product. Fuel grades, Regular and Premium have different attributes that allow your engine to prevent detonation, pinging and deposit buildup. They use the Good, Better, Best method and are priced accordingly. Most fuel stations have their own special blend of these attributes and brand them for marketing. For example, Techron and V-Power. A clean fuel supply is vital to proper engine function. Properly cleaning and maintaining this system will improve power, performance and fuel economy. Over time buildup can occur, we recommend performing a JB fuel injection service every 30k miles to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Diesel Fuel

Most diesel engines require filter changes every 15,000-20,000 miles. Your vehicle may even have more than one fuel filter. Diesel fuel is similar to kerosene but has been refined to run in modern day engines. Since September 1st 2006 California required the use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) to reduce emissions and to allow the use of modern day exhaust after-treatment systems. All new Diesels after 2010 are designed to run on ULSD. Unfortunately sulfur was one of the main lubricating agents in diesel fuel, if you own a diesel prior to 2010, you should be adding a fuel supplement. Lack of proper lubrication can result in failures of injectors and pumps that can cost you thousands in parts and labor. Adding a supplement can also prevent failures from diesel fuel jelling in cold weather and the growth of algae over time. JB diesel fuel supplement is proven to clean fuel systems and help keep them free from resins, gums and tars. Reduces exhaust smoke, fights fuel line freeze and disperses water to resist corrosion and rust in fuel systems. Just add one bottle every fuel filter service to keep your fuel system just like new.


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